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Next meeting:
Tuesday, Feb 1, 2005 at 8am. Check the Hart House Porter's desk for the room location.

As a CK sub-committee member you...
  1. Help out with at least 1 event during the school year and/ or
  2. Post CK flyers (available in the Social Justice mailbox behind the porter's desk), make class announcements, and tell your friends about upcoming events and where to sign-up (CK list available at the porter's desk).
  3. (OPTIONAL) Help develop, market, and possibly distribute any new projects
Members will need to help set up, organize the people in the kitchen to ensure everyone has something to do and that the cooking is running smoothly, help cook, talk to the participants to gain feedback (you can give me the feedback in person or by email), and clean up.

Sign up for only one event on the list below (and forward me your choices): Note: There will only be 2-3 members per event and choices will be made on a first come first serve basis:

  • Caribbean Sensations: Tuesday February 8th (2 openings)
  • "Simmering" Vegetarian Finds: Tuesday March 8th (1 opening)
  • Yo Quiero Hot & Spicy: Tuesday April 12th (2 openings)
  • Tasty Southern Etiquette: Tuesday May 10th (1 opening)
As CK committee members, when you help out at events you will not have to pay the admission fee: you can EAT and enjoy the meals with everyone else (however, anyone you bring will have to pay the $5.00 fee).

Also, if you any more ideas that the CK sub-committee can do with regards to food security issues, feel free to email me at s.leslie [AT] utoronto.ca

Thanks Again for Supporting Community Kitchen & God Bless,
Sheridy Leslie
Hart House Social Justice Director of Community Kitchen

Upcoming meeting:
Tuesday, Jan 11 @ 8 am. Check the Hart House Porter's desk for room location.

The film nights presented by the Thaqalayn Muslim Association will be held biweekly (on Tuesdays) to enlighten students on many of the social injustices throughout the world and also to broaden perspectives on many issues.

Tuesday, January 11th, 6pm; Hart House Debates Room: "Kandahar"
Based on a true story. Nafas (Niloufar Pazira) is a reporter who was born in Afghanistan, but fled with her family to Canada when she was a child. However, her sister wasn't so lucky; she lost her legs to a land mine while young, and when Nafas and her family left the country, her sister was accidentally left behind. Nafas receives a letter from her sister announcing that she's decided to commit suicide during the final eclipse before the dawn of the 21st century. Desperate to spare her sister's life, Nafas makes haste to Afghanistan, where she joins a caravan of refugees who, for a variety of reasons, are returning to the war-torn nation. As Nafas searches for her sister, she soon gets a clear and disturbing portrait of the toll the Taliban regime has taken upon its people.
This film shows what life was like for many in Afghanistan prior to the events of 9/11. This is a beautiful, thoughful, evocative film about a country with deep traditions that is quickly deteriorating.

Tuesday, January 25th, 6pm: "White Balloon"
Razieh wants a fat goldfish for the Iranian New Years celebration instead of the skinny ones in her family's pond at home, because the fat fish looks like it's dancing when it swims. After many attempts she and her brother convince their mother to give them her last bit of money. Between their home and the fish store, Razieh loses the money. She finds it, but it is temptingly just out of her reach.

Tuesday, February 8th, 6pm: "No Man's Land"
Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1993 at the time of the heaviest fighting between the two warring sides. After various skirmishes, two wounded soldiers, one Bosnian and one Serb, confront each other in a trench in the no man's land between their lines. They wait for dark, trading insults and even finding some common ground; sometimes one has the gun, sometimes the other, sometimes both. Things get complicated when another wounded Bosnian comes to, but can't move because a bouncing mine is beneath him. The two men cooperate to wave white flags, their lines call the UN (whose high command tries not to help), an English reporter shows up, a French sergeant shows courage, and the three men in no man's land may or may not find a way to all get along. This film shows racial animosity that Serbians had against the Bosnians.

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