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Xpression Against Oppression Week: October 4 - October 8, 2004
All events are FREE!

Monday, October 4 5:30pm

  Wendo-Women's Self-Defence
Ontario Public Interest Research Group

What is Wendo?  Wendo is a self-defence course designed for women, by women to learn easy to use and easy to remember methods of protecting ourselves in a wide range of situations. Techniques are designed for effective use by women of all ages, sizes and abilities.  A combination of discussion with practical skills results in an integration of mental and physical preparedness.

  International Student Centre, Pendarves Room
30 ppl limit
Monday, October 4
  Palestine : The Case for Solidarity
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights

Around the world, many peoples are struggling against oppression. But how do those who identify with the oppressed build international solidarity? One of the most important first steps is public education - and the case of Palestine is one of the most controversial to learn about.

"Palestinian Political Prisoners"
Rafeef Ziadah, 3rd generation Palestinian refugee and a member of Sumoud Political Prisoner Solidarity group

"The Occupation of Palestinian Land in the West Bank and Gaza"
Michael Neumann, Professor of Philosophy, Trent University

"Sabra and Shatila: What Happened and Why We Should Remembe"
Abbie Bakan, Professor of Political Studies, Queen's University and Co-
ordinating Committee, SPHR (Toronto Region)

  LM 162

Tuesday, October 5

  Anti-Semitism: A History of Hatred and Oppression

Speaker: Karen Mock

Anti-Semitism has the dubious distinction of being the world's longest-
surviving form of intolerance. From enslavement in ancient Egypt to blood
libels and conspiracy theories of the present day, anti-Semitism has led to
the oppression of Jews throughout every century of Jewish history. This may lead to the perception that anti-Semitism is solely a Jewish issue, but the truth is that anti-Semitism has led to more oppression of humanity at large than most people realize.

This lecture will explore the long-standing connection between anti-Semitism and the oppression of innocent human beings. Come and learn why anti-Semitism must be fought by all members of the human race.

  GB 220
Tuesday, October 5
  Reports from Venezuela
New Democratic Party/Organization of Latin American Students

What is going on in Venezuela ? Elections? Coups? Recalls? Strikes? Why is this happening? Join us for two lectures about what has been happening in Venezuela for the past decade.

Prof. Victor Rivas (U of T, Dept. of Spanish) has just returned from Venezuela where he was conducting interviews and doing research for a documentary on the recent Recall referendum in that country.  

Prof. MariaPaez (U of T, Dept. of Sociology) grew up in Venezuela , and continues to closely monitor the political situation there.

Refreshments will be provided. Discussion to follow lectures.

  LM 159
Tuesday, October 5
  Media Bias in the Middle East
Betar Tagar

Dov Smith, the Director of Honest Reporting Canada, an independent grass-roots organization promoting fairness and accuracy in Canadian media coverage of the Middle East.

A few years ago, the Euro-British media declared Israel was committing
massacres and atrocities in Jenin. Months later, the UN and Human Rights Watch concluded no massacres had in fact taken place. “Jenin: Massacring Truth” is a documentary exploring the damaging myth and underlying media bias against Israel. Dov Smith explores this further.

Wednesday, October 6
  Forms of Oppression for Caribbean Youth
Caribbean Connections

  New College Wilson Hall 1017
Wednesday, October 6
  Movie Screening: Thirst (Water privatization)
OPIRG: Ontario Public Interest Research Group

Is water part of a shared "commons", a human right for all people? Or is it a commodity to be bought, sold, and traded in a global marketplace? Thirst tells the stories of communities in Bolivia , India , and the United States that are asking these fundamental questions, as water becomes the most valuable global resource of the 21st Century. A character-driven documentary with no narration, Thirst reveals how the debate over water rights between communities and corporations can serve as a catalyst for explosive and steadfast resistance to globalization.

  Bahen Centre 1180
Thursday, October 7
  The Road to Equity at U of T

A town hall on Equity Services available at U of T.

  GB 220
Thursday, October 7

Sudan: From Wau to Darfur, a History of Human Rights Violations (flyer)
Presented by the Hart House Social Justice Committee

Tens of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in the recent government-sanctioned massacre in the Darfur region of Sudan. This has occurred before in Sudan and it's time that the West is told the tragic story of the continued genocide in Sudan. A nearly identical tragedy occurred in Wau, Sudan in 1987 which was severely under-reported in the West. The story of these innocent genocide victims needs to be told once and for all -- come out and show your support while gaining incredible knowledge at the same time.

  Hart House, East Common Room
Thursday, October 7
  Justice for All

Speaker: Sophie Harkat

Two years ago, Mohamed Harkat was arrested by intelligence agents early one morning on his way to work. He was never charged with a crime, never allowed access to a lawyer, and has been denied the fundamental rights most Canadians take for granted. Did this happen in North Korea ? Iran ? No. This happened right here in Canada , to a Canadian citizen. His wife, Sophie Harkat, comes to speak to you today about the injustice that has occurred all over the country since 9/11, and to many more individuals than just her husband.

WB 116
Thursday, October 7
  Movie Screening: Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's view on what happened to the United States after September 11, and how the Bush Administration allegedly used the tragic event to push forward its ruthless agenda.

  Bahen Centre 1160
Friday, October 8
  When will we be paid? Are reparations deserved for slavery and colonialism?
BSA Black Students' Association

Is there legal precedent? Is it feasible? Who should pay? Does it contribute to a victim mentality? Will it solve anything?

  Hart House, Music Room
Friday, October 8
  Debate: BIRT there is still advantages to being in the closet

A structured debate followed by a social afterwards to mingle.

  Bahen Centre 1160

Welcome back!

The Social Justice Committee's open meeting will be held on Tues, September 21 @ 4pm. Check at the Hart House Porter's desk for the location of the meeting. All are welcome! Come out to hear what's being planned for this year and get involved.

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