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2007 Events

Luxury for a Life: Street Children in Ethiopia
Come out and learn about issues affecting children in Ethiopia and what Little Voice is doing to empower vulnerable children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Jenna Hoyt-Founder of Little Voice
  • Ethiopian Guest Speaker

    Free refreshments will be provided. Brought to you by: Little Voice Foundation and Hart House Social Justice Committe. Please drop by our information booth at the Rotunda in Hart House all week for more information and to find out more about how to get involved in this campaign. Or visit Little Voice.


    Tuesday, January 24th
    @ 7:00pm - 9:00 pm
    Hart House, Music Room


    Ethiopian Lunch
    Experience the joy of Ethiopian Cusine and Culture. Join us to taste and learn about Ethiopian cuisine and experience their famous coffee ceremon!
    Cost: $5


    Wednesday, January 25th
    @ 11:00am -1:00pm
    Hart House, Debates Room


    STOP! Racism in the School System:
    A Symposium of Antiracism Initiatives
    Presented by The Hart House Social Justice Committee, Hart House, the University of Toronto Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office, and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies.


    Tuesday, February 27th
    @ 4:00 - 9.30 pm
    Hart House, East Common Room


  • Student Discussion Panel
    University of Toronto students share their opinions and experiences with racism and anti-racism initiatives in the school system.


    Tuesday, February 27th
    @ 4:00 - 6:00 pm
    Hart House, East Common Room


  • Keynote Speakers Event
    An expert panel featuring:
    Nouman Ashraf, Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Officer, University of Toronto
    John Dohran, Aboriginal Studies and Adult Education, Ontario Institute for Secondary Education
    Josh Hacker, Community Outreach Coordinator, Friends of Simon Wisenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies
    Imam Abdul HaiPatel, Chaplain's Association, University of Toronto


    Tuesday, February 27th
    @ 7:00 - 9.30 pm
    Hart House, East Common Room


    Faces and Places of A Mayan Community
    A photographic exhibit.


    Hart House


    The Real Dirt on Food:
    Unearthing the Controversies Behind the Food We Eat
    This one day conference will be taking aim at matters of food sustainibility, addressing topics such as sustainable diets, organics, food access in Toronto, local food, the slow food movement and cooking on a student budget. Fun and lively disccussion with be fueled by some good eats of 'as local and as organic as possible' food during intermissions and lunch.
    For more information visit The Real Dirt or contact info@ therealdirt.ca.

    Tickets: Students $10, on sale from January 29 to March 2
    Non Students $20, on sale from Feburary 17 to March 2.
    Tickets available at the U of T Box Office.


    Saturday, March 17
    @ 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Hart House

    2006 Events

    Open Meeting
    Join the Social Justice Committee at their open meeting. Find out more about this year's initiatives, events, and how to get involved! All are welcome!


    Wednesday, September 20
    @ 4:00pm
    Hart House, Reading Room


    Community Kitchen: Tomato Sauce Workshop
    Participate, eat with new friends, and learn how to prepare a delicious meal with one of Hart House chefs. Please register at the Hart House Porter's Desk. Participants are asked to contribute $5.00 to cover the cost of the food. Please register at the Hart House Porter's Desk.


    Tuesday, September 19
    @ 5:00pm -7:00pm
    Hart House


    Local Flavors Plus Launch
    More information will be provided shortly.


    Tuesday, September 19


    Social Justice Bi-election
    Are you interested in sitting in the Social Justice Committee? Why not join the committee? There will be elections for two positions. For more information come to the Open meeting on September 20th or email us.


    Wednesday, September 27,
    @ 4:00pm
    Hart House


    Sustainable Fair
    Join Hart House at the annual $5 Buck Sustainable Fair Lunch.


    Thursday, September 28
    @ 12:00pm,
    Hart House, Great Hall


    World Food Day
    Investing in Agriculture for Food Security. Speaker: Wayne Roberts. More information will be made available in early October.


    Monday, October 16, TBA


    TRICK or Eat
    Every year, UofT students canvass the neighbourhood on Halloween to collect non-perishable food items and to raise awareness of local hunger in the community. In the past we've raised over $750,000 worth of food for the community. All the food is donated to UofT's food bank. This year Trick or Eat!! For more information visit, our partners Meal Exchange


    Tuesday, October 31, Hart House


    Peace Week
    A week long event that promotes discussion, thought, and reflection on the prospects for peace in our society.



    November 6 - 11, 2006
    For more information on specific events and their time and location, please check: www.peaceweek.com

      Buzz Words
    Meet others, hang out, discuss anything!

    Wednesdays, 2 - 4pm
    Hart House Map Room


        The Spice
    A participatory cooking social promoting community-building
    More info...
      Wednesdays, 12 - 3pm
    U of T Women's Centre




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